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Web Freer browser let you go to any website securely by encrypting your session and data exchange between your computer and web servers. Your sessions are encrypted with 256-bits HTTPS/SSL protocol.

The encryption of HTTPS is intended to provide benefits like confidentiality, integrity and identity. Your information remains confidential from prying eyes because only your browser and the server can decrypt the traffic. Integrity protects the data from being modified without your knowledge.

Sites that don't use HTTPS judiciously are crippling the privacy controls you thought were protecting your data. Websites' adoption of opt-in sharing and straightforward privacy settings are laudable. Those measures restrict the amount of information about you that leaks from websites. Yet they have no bearing on sniffing attacks if the site doesn't encrypt traffic.

HTTPS has been around nearly as long as the Web, but it's primarily used by sites that handle money-your bank's website or shopping carts that capture credit card data. Even many sites that do use HTTPS only use it for the portions of their websites that have shopping carts or account pages.

Web Freer browser, by its default, enables HTTPS connection between your computer and our server, and relay the encrypted connection to the destination website you intend to visit. It is a far more security setting and can protect the information integration for all its users.

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Web Freer browser make you free of being tracked or monitored, it limits the session insertion and the time period it can stay in your computer. When you provide your personal information or account credentials to any trusted websites, the data is strictly protected by the strong encryption of HTTPS connection.

Because all your input is encrypted by the HTTPS connection, you are achieving complete anonymity to ensure your privacy, no third party can read your internet activities, nor can they link these activities to personally identifiable information about you.

Web Freer also hide your IP address and show the IP of our HTTPS server, which makes you stay behind the shield to allow you a safer surfing on the web.


Web Freer is based on Chromium, it inherits its simple and clean design, which means fast browsing and better experience. Its simple User Interface and extension architect makes the browsing lightening fast.

Simplicity is the answer to many problems users experience when using a slow browser, the wait time for flipping between web pages seems forever and it annoys users more and more. With a simple design Web Freer significantly reduce the wait time. For those who use internet 10 hours a day, the reduction on wait time can add up to a hour, which is a great saving for heavy internet users.


Inherited from Chromium's design, Web Freer is very stable which means no or little crashes while browsing. It is also well adapted to all the main versions of operating systems for personal computers.

Browser vendors are always trying to improve the stability of their platforms. One key approach being adopted by multiple browser vendors is to take plugins out of the regular browser process and isolate them. The benefit of out-of-process plugins is that if a plugin - say Adobe's Flash, for example - crashes, the entire browser won't crash.

Backers of the open source WebKit rendering engine, which is used by Web Freer inherited from Chromium, is implementing new capabilities to support a split process model, where the Web content (JavaScript, HTML, layout, etc) lives in a separate process.


With its supports of Adobe Flash Player, Javascript, etc. Web Freer is well designed to streamline all your online activities with most websites.

Your Web browser is a translation device. It takes a document written in the HTML language and translates it into a formatted Web page. The result of this translation is a little like giving two human translators a sentence written in French and asking them to translate it into English. Both will get the meaning across, but may not use the same words to do so.

The basic rules for translating HTML documents are established by the World Wide Web consortium, which publishes the official HTML standards. But there's considerable room for interpretation within those ground rules.

For example, the HTML standards say that the TABLE tag should support a CELLSPACING attribute to define the space between parts of the table. But standards don't define the default value for that attribute, so unless you explicitly define CELLSPACING when building your page, two browsers may use different amounts of white space in your table.

Compatibility problems are the leading cause of browser display errors. Compatibility dangers extend to all aspects of HTML.

Therefore it is important to provide a browser that can parse the HTML page in line with other popular browsers.

Anti Virus

Web Freer browser provides malware detection and phishing alert, which make your web surfing safer.

When safe browsing is enabled, Web Freer will display a warning message before users visit a site that is thought to contain malware or be vulnerable to phishing scams.

Inherited Chromium Project's sandboxing technology, Web Freer is equipped with a feature that helps prevent malware from installing itself on your computer or using what happens in one browser tab to affect what happens in another. Sandbox technology isolates a corrupted program and prevents it from spreading throughout a user's system.

Auto Update

The automatic anti-blocking updates and security updates enpower you regularly for the safe, private, and free browsing.

Completing the Web Freer security measures is auto-update, a feature that updates users' browsers to the newest, most secure version with a prompt.

These measures help keep Web Freer less vulnerable to hacking attempts targeting web browsers.

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